CNS Practice in Michigan…Rules Approved by MI-BON!

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As of November 9, 2017, the MI-BON approved the rules (addressing CNS Practice in Michigan and requirements for certification/recognition) and will continue to move through the process:

The rules go to the Regulatory Affairs Officer, who give them to the Office of Regulatory Reinvention, and then to the Legislative Service Bureau to certify the rules for form and arrangement. The rules will then go to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, and must be before JCAR for 15 session days. Then they are filed with the Office of the Great Seal.

Recording of March 20, 2017, Program at MSU

Please click on the link to view the recording of the meeting held March 20, 2017, at MSU, featuring Kathleen Vollman and Cathy Lewis. They present the latest information on Public Act 499 of 2016 and its implications for CNSs in Michigan!

MI-CNS March 20, 2017 Program at MSU

More information will be forthcoming as we work with LARA to develop the administrative rules that will guide our practice as clinical nurse specialists.

image001Governor Snyder did a ceremonial signing of HB 5400 in Lansing on Tues., 1/24/17. Here is the official photo that was taken. The attendees with the Governor included (left to right) former Sen.  Mark Jansen, Monika Minor (WSU lobbyist), former Sen. Ken Yonker, Teresa Wehrwein (MACN), Brian Sapita (former Yonker staff), Jeff Snyder (former Yonker staff), Sen. Mike Shirkey, Linda Taft (ANA-MI), Heather Nicholoff (MICNP lobbyist), Cathy Lewis (MI-CNS), Katie Lavery (ACNM), and Ann Sheehan (MICNP).

Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation allowing Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to provide more medical services

On Monday, January 9, 2017, Governor Snyder signed HB 5400 which is now Public Act 499. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses now have the ability to provide expanded medical services to their patients. “Ensuring quality and efficiency in our medical system is important to the health and well-being of all Michiganders,” Snyder said. “This bill allows specialized nurses to provide a broader range of medical services, giving their patients the quality care they deserve.”

Public Act 499

Summary of the revisions included in Public Act 499:

  • Recognizes Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) in the Michigan Public Health Code, allowing for specialty certification for their profession and adding a CNS seat to the MI Board of Nursing
  • Defines “advanced practice registered nurse” as a registered professional nurse who has been granted a certification in one of the specialty fields (nurse midwifery, nurse practitioner, or clinical nurse specialist)
  • Allows an A.P.R.N. to order, receive, and dispense a complementary starter dose drug without delegation from a physician, and, as a delegated act, order, receive, and dispense a complementary starter dose of a controlled substance
  • Allows an A.P.R.N. to make calls or go on rounds
  • Includes an A.P.R.N. in the definition of “prescriber” in the Public Health Code
  • Allows an A.P.R.N.  to prescribe physical therapy, speech therapy and order restraints autonomously
  • Allows an A.P.R.N. to prescribe Schedule II-V drugs under delegation without restriction to setting or circumstance
  • Allows an A.P.R.N. to prescribe non-scheduled drugs autonomously
  • Includes a CNS among the designated professionals eligible for the State’s essential health provider loan repayment program
  • Increases the RN licensure fees from $30 per year to $60 per year, and increase the application processing fee from $24 to $75 new nurse graduates

MI-CNS will continue to support legislation that allows APRNs to practice to the fullest extent of their education, training and national certification in order to increase access to health care and reduce health care costs, and we look forward to working with legislators to accomplish this in the future.

MI-CNS Thanks Board Members for Service!

MI-CNS would like to extend heartfelt thanks to past Board of Directors members who have served as officers over the past few years. Marcia Hegstad, Mitzi Saunders, and Stephanie Schuldt – thank you for your dedication to advancing Clinical Nurse Specialists in the State of Michigan!

About MI-CNS

The Michigan Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (MI-CNS) was founded in June 2009, becoming an officially recognized affiliate of the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) in September 2009. Members include practicing CNSs from across the State of Michigan and CNS students enrolled in programs around the State.

MI-CNS is an active member of the Coalition of Michigan Organizations of Nursing (COMON).

Please visit the MI-CNS site regularly for updated information on the practice of clinical nurse specialists in the State of Michigan.